Welcome! Are you ready to bloom into your best self?

I am so happy to be here and that you are here. How wonderful that the Internet and the universe led you here!


Bloom Wellness Consulting is here for you because no matter where you are in life, you are always blooming into the next stage of it.

I found my happy place revolved around health and wellness. The more I ran the better I felt; the better I ate, the better I felt. I began my journey with first certifying myself in Spinning, then Zumba, and recently Health Coaching. There is something remarkable about the way instructors connect with you, understand you, and take you to a positive mental state with just one class. My hope is that in the journey you embark on with me, we are able to reach your goals that will last a lifetime - because this is your life and you deserve to live the best one!

With a decade in the corporate finance world, I understand all deadlines, last minute requests, stress, corporate politics, and, last but not least, the guilt you feel sometimes from leaving work on time. I know all of these concepts very well and understand how it can lead to an unbalanced lifestyle, lack of sleep, bad eating habits and absence of exercise. Allow me to use my knowledge to your advantage and bloom into a better life.

Para mis amigos hispanos, todos los servicios se ofrecen en español.




Your Wellness Journey


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